Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Workshop Program

Please check back for further details, to be added in coming weeks.

Invited Speakers:

Hans Kamp (Stuttgart), title tba
Philippe Schlenker (Institut Jean Nicod), tba
Henk Zeevat (Amsterdam), 'Presupposition as Semantic Composition'

Accepted papers:

Marta Abrusan (Institut Jean Nicod)
 An Approach to the Triggering Problem

Simon Charlow (NYU)
 Strong Predicative Presuppositional Objects

Emmanuel Chemla & Philippe Schlenker (Institut Jean Nicod)
 Incremental vs. Symmetric Presupposition Satisfaction

Christina Kim, Christine Gunlogson, Mike Tanenhaus & Jeff Runner (Rochester)
 Restricting and Generating Hypotheses about Focus Alternatives

Dan Lassiter (NYU)
 Explaining Symmetric Presupposition Projection with 'if' and 'or'

Craige Roberts (Ohio State), Mandy Simons (Carnegie Mellon), David Beaver (UT Austin) & Judith Tonhauser (Ohio State)
 Projective Meaning: a Unified Account

Raj Singh (MIT)
 Symmetric and Interacting Alternatives for Implicature and Accommodation